What our customer’s say…

Mitsubishi Pajero
“To me, a car is a tool of the trade; an asset that gets me from point A to point B.  Because I do travel the roads a lot, getting the right car to do the job with a degree of comfort is important.  However, in running a business I do not have a lot of time; this is where Dan steps in.


It was an amazing experience!  I met Dan on the Monday, by Friday I had the exact car that I had requested.  In this time, Dan had sourced one vehicle, only to back that up with another that he had discovered that was a better car and better deal.  (He) communicated with my bank to co-ordinate the leasing arrangements, arranged the paperwork, road certificates and whatever else is required and delivered a vehicle that was in beautiful condition.


By Friday evening we were taking a drive with the family in the new car, amazed at just how simple the process was.
One thing is for certain, had I tried to find the same vehicle I am sure that I would have paid an extra $4,000 or $5,000, taken a month to find it and spent an extraordinary amount of time running around looking at cars for which I would not have known whether it was truly the best deal.

In summary, I cannot fault the … team and their service.  Everyday we were kept informed about what was going on, what we had to do (which wasn’t much) and when we could expect delivery of the vehicle.  From now on, when we need a new vehicle we will leave it to the experts …….. “

Trevor Holmes
Managing Director; Enact Business Architects

Mitsubishi Van
“I .. needed a van, a great van.  A LWB van .  I had perused the various trading papers, columns and car yards and all gave me clear indications that there was continually nothing of the kind on the Sunshine Coast.  Anything that interested me was a day trip away and, at the time, I didn’t have the time.


.. I called Dan and we spoke.  He came to my family’s house on a Sunday for a latte and a chat about the van I was now fantasising about.  I told Dan I was waiting to hear of my finance application.  Dan said he would start checking the wider, farther field for possibilities while waiting for the finance to be approved.


Dan phoned Brisbane, Bundaberg, Harvey Bay, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast.  He let me know there wasn’t much out there.  He searched throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast checking out possibilities.  As it turned out, my finance application was refused.  I called Dan.  He said no worries, I can make an application through his channels and soon I would be on the road in my fantasy van.  But where would he find it.  Dan said my case was particularly challenging …character building in fact.

Dan called a few days later.  There was a 99 Mazda LWB available as a 6 seater on the Gold Coast.  Would I like to have a look?  Yes please Dan.  So Dan went for a road trip and brought it to my door.  It was exactly what I wanted.  I took it for a spin with my wonderful wife Kitten.  We agreed it was THE ONE.  Within a week, Dan was driving to the Gold Coast in my old van as a trade.  Dan is THE man.”
Frank Styler
Castaways Beach

Toyota Avalon
“My wife and I have recently bought a used car using the services of Dan Kelly.  Dan offers a most effective service in a very professional and genuine manner and we were perfectly satisfied with the result.

The purchase of a new car can be a frustrating business.  Dan eliminates this frustration.

We met Dan at our home, where we discussed our objective which was to replace our old car .  Within 24 hours Dan came back with a car that was interesting.  He had established a trade-in value for the old car and the changeover figure was attractive.  Next day with no commitment to buy, Dan drove the car from Brisbane to Noosa and return, for our inspection.  Even though Dan would have offered other cars for our consideration we were happy and agreed to buy.

Dan arranged all the paper work took the old car to Brisbane for sale and delivered the new car to our door.  He also provided a good follow-up service when we had a problem with a door sensor.  He happily took the car to have it repaired under warranty.  We would strongly recommend the services of Dan Kelly to any one in the market for a new car.”
G S McKenzie
Sunrise Beach

“During July this year a close friend of mine discussed with me the wonderful buy he had made through the services provided by Mr Dan Kelly.  That resulted in a great financial saving for him, plus the purchase of an almost new car.

As I was also considering the purchase of a replacement vehicle, I telephoned Dan Kelly and within half a day he replied to advise me that he had been able to find a suitable car to meet my requirements at a price $400 cheaper than the best lowest figure I had been able to obtain, and with which I had been more than satisfied with prior to telephoning Dan Kelly.

Dan took over all requirements associated with the purchase of a replacement vehicle, and in fact I did not have to move out of my house until the new car was delivered to my front door.”
H W Miller
Noosa Heads

Toyota Prado
“As a recent client of Dan Kelly, we are totally impressed by the service he provides.

Acquiring a quality vehicle at the right price through a genuine person is no longer the all-consuming task it used to be.

Having a personable local with skill and knowledge of the auto industry working with such efficiency has enabled us to acquire our vehicle without any interruption to family life.

We’ve found Dan to be communicative, caring and committed to his task.  We would proudly recommend his business to anyone looking for their next car.”
Megan and Brad Day

Mazda 3 Neo Sports 2009
Using a broker took the hassle and stress out of getting a car.  The service was efficient and very helpful.  I would recommend SunCoast Auto Brokers to anyone looking for a simple way to find a car.
Carmel Giblin

Honda Civic
I love my new Honda Civic! SunCoast Auto Brokers was a hassle free experience & one I would recommend to anyone looking to buy a new vehicle.  Thanks Dan, you really took the stress out of the transaction.
Corrine Wieland