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Can We Help You Sell Your Car?

Yes, absolutely we can!


It depends on a few things such as your personal circumstances, financial situation and your time frame.

Our aim is to work with you to achieve a quick sale without stress and time wasted.  In order for you to achieve this you will need to have your car valued at a fair market price.

The price you put on your car needs to be realistic; there are a few online sources such as red book that you can use as a starter guide, though they are not always very accurate.  Bear in mind they don’t write cheques, and they don’t take into account the current economic climate of the day.

In order to set your car at a reasonable price we can help you with a free valuation. It is best if we physically inspect the vehicle, so just call us to make a free no obligation appointment.

There are a few ways that we may be able to help you sell your car.  They are:

1. Quick sell:

We can help you sell your car quickly via our wholesale network.  We will shop around our large group of buyers and find the highest bidder for your car.

The price we achieve is subject to buyer demand on the day, and can vary considerably depending on several factors such as age of vehicle, physical & mechanical condition and service history.

A tip here is if you are going to choose this avenue, avoid spending large amounts on the vehicle.  Just ensure you maintain the servicing of the car and keep it registered.  Keep in mind that the extras you put on the vehicle, such as tint, tow bar, sheep skin seat covers don't always add value in terms of dollars.

After we have found you a buyer, we will come and pick up the car from your home or place of work, take it away, then bring you back a cheque.  It's that simple.  Our fee for this service is $200 inc GST.  This is a FREE service if you are purchasing a new car and just part of buying/trade in process.

2. We sell for you:

In this instance we would have a look at our current list of buyers and aim to match one with your vehicle.  Your car would have to meet the requirements and standards of our ‘11 point personal protection policy’ in order to protect our buyers.  If this option is achieved we will charge you $500 inc GST for the service.

3. We guide you to sell your car yourself:

We are more than happy to share with you some advice and support for you to sell your car your self.  Refer to our guide to "Preparing Your Vehicle for Private Sale" on this website, and then when you are ready call us for a FREE VALUATION of your car.

If the option of selling privately becomes tiresome, and you do not have the time for the process, simply call us again and we will refer to the quick sell option if it is applicable to your car.

We work for YOU!
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