Our Values Statement

Our Services – Values Statement

Suncoast Auto Brokers offer a service based on genuine care and integrity.  The company aims to exceed client expectations by offering professional, friendly and committed client care practises that ensures the clients peace of mind, confidence and satisfaction.

1. Client Care:

We will at all times strive to maintain a natural and friendly, but professional relationship with you. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable, cared for and respected when dealing with us because we will offer you friendly, efficient and prompt service.

2. Guidance and Information:

You will be offered all relevant information and guidance with honestly, integrity and transparency. You can then make an informed decision regarding your purchase, ensuring that you feel in control and confident and comfortable with your transaction.

3. Quality Control:

We will strive to make you feel safe and satisfied in the knowledge that your vehicle has been chosen by way of the strict selection criteria that our company applies, ensuring you maximum quality and value for your money.

4. Choices and Communication:

You will have the ability to benefit from a range of quality product choices that can save you money and offer added security.  We will communicate with you regularly and promptly on all aspects of  the delivery process and your product choices. 

Subaru Forester
Our dealings with Dan & Sandra Kelly of SunCoast Auto Brokers have been both pleasant and problem-free.  We got the car we wanted at an excellent change over price. During the whole proceedings, we always felt as though nothing was too much trouble.  Dan & Sandra were courteous and keen to make the purchase of our new car a pleasurable experience.
Thank you
Richard and Helen Newton

5. Client Satisfaction:

We strive to allow you to feel confident, satisfied and feel appreciated with the service you receive.

Client Security & Privacy:
We will at all times present to you wearing our easily-identified uniform. We understand the level of trust required by you and we will always retain this in the forefront of our awareness.  We will abide the standards of our privacy policy.

Client Confidence:
We will strive to improve our skills, our knowledge, and our professional awareness to ensure that the advice we offer you is the best that we can give.  To achieve this we will attend relevant business training workshops, seek specialised professional advice where necessary, actively seek industry updates, attend product launches, and generally strive to attain the best and as complete as possible awareness of our industry.

8. Client Feedback:

We will actively seek feedback from you after the delivery of your vehicle and ask that, if you feel comfortable in so doing, you provide us with a brief verbal or written summary of your impressions of our interaction with you in providing you with our services.

9. Client Retention:

You will be remembered and cared for long after the delivery of your vehicle.  Unless otherwise requested we will provide you with a regular Newsletter (approximately bi-monthly) and we will be available to give you support and help for as long as you own the vehicle you have purchased.

10. Legislation & Policies:

As we strive for best business practice at all times, we operate under the following Acts & Policies:-

Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000
Motor Dealing Practice Code of Conduct Regulation 2001 (Property Agents and Motor Dealers Acts
Fair Trading Acts (Various States.)
Trade Practices Act
SunCoast Auto Privacy Policy
SunCoast Auto Personal Protection Policy

Toyota Rav 4
Dealing with Dan was so easy and a stress free experience to buy my new car.  I wish I had met him earlier.  I highly recommend his services to anyone considering buying a new vehicle.
Vivian Bateman


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Your needs come first.
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