11 Point Protection

We have a simple and unambiguous 11-Point Personal Protection Policy.

(1) Client Care & Our Commitment to Service:

We are united in our commitment to care for you, our client, and offer you professional and prompt service at all times. We offer you friendly, respectful, and time-saving communication. Click HERE to see our Personal Values – Mission Statement, and HERE to see the MTA Code of Ethics.

(2) Information & Choice:

As our client you will benefit from the expertise and knowledge that we offer and share. This knowledge is based on a combined motor vehicle industry experience of over 30 years. At all times we will strive to give you relevant and up-to-date information. We want to ensure that you purchase the vehicle that best suits your needs and that you can make an informed decision about your purchase.

(3) Price & Value:

We will strive to ensure that your vehicle will be delivered with an appropriate fleet discount if relevant, or will be of fair market value discounted according to our negotiations. Our dealer network is large, and as such, we have a strong reputation and experience in commercial negotiation. Vehicle price will also be subject to our independent valuation to ensure the vehicle is within current market range prior to our starting negotiations for discount. Please note there may be circumstances such as vehicle uniqueness or availability which may impact on our negotiating capabilities.

 (4) Mechanical Condition:

You can be assured that, based on the above points and our extensive mechanical background, the vehicle's mechanical condition is subject to our test driving and basic mechanical inspection (subject to access and time constraints).  We can also arrange an independent inspection if you so wish.

(5) Physical Condition:

Vehicles must be of a high physical condition for our consideration. This of course is subject to age, budget, and average wear and tear. The majority of our vehicles are either new or late model and selected from quality motor dealerships that adhere to similar high standards of physical condition. Part of the pre-selection process is a careful and detailed physical inspection by us.

(6) Service History: (used vehicles)

Vehicles must have a proven service history which is both acceptable and inclusive of their current owner. Due to our considerable mechanical knowledge and background this is of the upmost importance in the selection process.  If the vehicle cannot prove its complete history it is immediately discarded from selection.

(7) Exceptional Service:

We offer you an exceptional service based on years experience in award winning dealerships, management roles, and excellence in small business best practises.  Our goal is to provide you with a service that will exceed your expectations

Toyota Corolla
I have been given great support and help selling 2 cars, and buying a new car in their place. Dan helped me with all the paperwork, taking the 2 cars away & delivering my new car to my home. I find him very trustworthy & helpful, thank you both for all your help.
Robin McKenzie
Sunrise Beach 

 (8) Warranty:

The vehicle we deliver to you will have either a factory or statutory warranty (if applicable), with an option for you to purchase an extended warranty if you desire. You can feel confident and safe knowing that your purchase is protected by a valid warranty.

(9) Prompt, Convenient & Professional Delivery:

You will be kept fully informed of delivery, and contract arrangements at all times.  Delivery will be prompt and at a time and place convenient to you.  Before we leave you will have all of the vehicles operations discussed with you and demonstrated in a clear, concise, and professional manner.

(10) After Delivery Client Care:

You will NOT be forgotten after delivery!  You can be satisfied in the knowledge that you will continue to be appreciated, remembered and held in high regard after delivery.  You will be offered free access to ongoing information, services and support for you and your family with your auto needs.  Suncoast Auto Brokers has a large network of associated automotive services that can be of assistance, and this assistance is a phone call or email away.

(11) Our Privacy Policy:

Your personal information will remain personal.  No if's, no but's!
Click HERE to access the full details of our Privacy Policy.

Mercedes B200
Dealing with Dan was ‘a piece of cake’. It was the simplest & easiest way I have ever purchased a new car. He drove my old car to Brisbane & came back with a ‘new one’ all within hours. Nothing was a problem to him & his demeanour is so easy-going.
Cindy Beasley

We work for YOU!
Your needs come first.
Every client. Every time. No exceptions!

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