What warranty will I have when I purchase a new car?

You will have a full normal factory warranty when you purchase your new car using our service.

As licensed motor dealers we are bound by industry laws and regulations that are designed to protect you. This protection is a priority for us to ensure you, as our clients, receive all the applicable factory warranties.

In fact, Dan had many years in the service department of an award winning dealership and knows exactly what is and what isn’t covered by warranty.

If in doubt, just call us.  That is where our experience and ongoing client care will benefit you.

Just a word of advice – we often hear of some car salespeople telling potential buyers that they are not covered by warranty if they purchase using a broker. This is untrue and a common trick used by car salespeople to get your business.  It is an unhelpful comment and only creates mistrust in the industry. If you come across this, just walk away. You are obviously dealing with someone that can’t be trusted and who is not working in your best interests.

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