Where does SunCoast Auto source NEW cars, and should we work with you for the best outcome?

In a nutshell, we will deliver your new car ONLY from a reputable dealer for that particular brand and who gives us the very best possible deal for you! We mostly source the cars from dealerships in Brisbane and South East Queensland, though we do try and do business with the local dealers.

In order for us to make your new car experience everything that it should be, you can do a few things to help us help you:

(1) Before you call us check out all of the details, accessories, etc of the new car you want.  Make some initial price enquiries WITHOUT MAKING ANY COMMITMENT TO BUY and DO NOT MENTION that you intend to speak to us as a Broker!  If the salesman says that "if you're checking deals and you find one better than ours let me know and I'll match it", beware!  If you think about it,  he just had his chance to give you a better price and he didn’t – so why would you give him a second chance?

We repeat – DO NOT MENTION THAT YOU ARE THINKING OF USING A BROKER.  If you do they will actively attempt to discourage this as they will immediately know that you have access to a PROFESSIONAL NEGOTIATOR who is FULLY AWARE of the ins-and-outs of the motor vehicle industry and who has direct contact to a large number of their competitors!!!!

(2) When you call us to act for you, just relax and let us do the work. You do not have to accept the deal we obtain for you, and if you're not ecstatic you can always revert back to your own negotiating!

(3) DON'T keep going back to the dealer to try to beat them down – this can be VERY damaging to your ability to buy well in the event you do not accept what we can achieve for you. All it will do is to make them adjust the "up-front" offer.  They are EXPERTS in compensating for this ELSEWHERE.  Trust us.  We know.  THEIR BUSINESS is to make sure THEY get the very best deal they can from EVERY aspect of the sale –   the vehicle, finance, accessories, and the value of the trade.

OUR BUSINESS is to make sure YOU get THE BEST DEAL from EVERY aspects of your purchase, AND to do so from a REPUTABLE dealer. And you get us as a bonus – to back you up in the unlikely event you do have problems!

Think of it this way:  The broker works for YOU, not for the Dealer.  We are YOUR advocate.

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