What does SunCoast Auto offer me that a dealership can’t?

You will receive the same physical end product when you purchase direct from a dealer, but that is where the similarity ends.

One of the main differences is the fact that when you purchase from a salesperson in a sales yard, they have one motive;  to sell you a car from their car yard, and only their car yard (bearing in mind that they earn commission from their sales).

Our objective is to look at all your needs, such as business, lifestyle, family, and budget and find you a vehicle that takes this all into consideration. We profile you and your vehicle needs.  We will help you to choose the right vehicle, making sure you make an informed choice at all times.

We then source the vehicle from our huge network of reputable dealers. We only use the dealers that we know will offer our clients the correct back up service and high standards that we abide by.

When we have located a vehicle (if it is a used car) Dan will then go and inspect the vehicle. He takes particular care when it comes to service history, based on his vast experience as a mechanic, technician and service manager; this area is a top priority. If the vehicle cannot prove its history, it is immediately rejected.

Dan then carries out a basic inspection of the vehicle, paying close attention to mechanical and body condition. Then he will take the vehicle for a test drive listening for road noises, monitoring driveability and overall performance.

When he is satisfied the vehicle is up to standard, he will then start negotiations on your behalf.  All the above factors are in place before you are presented with a vehicle for your personal inspection. Your inspection will take place at a time and place that suits you. If you want to obtain an independent inspection, we will arrange that for you as well.

When you have decided to purchase, we will arrange all the necessary contracts, paperwork and delivery. We can also arrange your motor finance and insurance if you wish. You will not have to worry about a single thing, that is what we do. No Stress! No Worries!

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