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Buying A New a New Vehicle for Your Company using Fleet Discounts

We specialise in obtaining fleet discounts on new vehicles for small to medium sized businesses.  You will experience fantastic financial savings with no time wasted, guaranteed!!   We can also locate  a high quality second-hand vehicles that will exactly suit your commercial needs.

Whether you are a tradesman, professional, retail, entrepreneur, or transport operator, the benefits to you, as a business owner or manager, are huge. You will get a fantastic deal on your trade-in and on your new vehicle. If you purchase a vehicle second-hand, it will be of known quality, personally checked by a qualified mechanic, have an appropriate warranty, REVS certificate and delivered to your door personally. No Stress !!

As a business owner, the greatest of these benefits is that you won't waste a minute of your time – we do all the work for you, and bring the vehicle to your door so you don’t lose a single minute of your precious work day! You will be buying the very best that our huge network of professional Dealers can offer!

And, yes, you'll receive just the same after-sales help, advice and support as will a private buyer! 

Mitsubishi Triton Ute and a Toyota Hilux SR5 4 x 4
Suncoast Auto Brokers Sandra & Dan Kelly have looked after Goldpower Diesel Services for the last six (6) years with new company vehicles. Dan has always negotiated the best deal for us with his experience, up to date professional service and  communication.  In the past Dan has supplied us with Mitsubishi Triton Utes.
Sandra & Dan have just supplied Goldpower Diesel Services with two (2) brand new utilities.  A Mitsubishi Triton Ute and a Toyota Hilux SR5 4 x 4 Ute which are both great vehicles.
Mick O’Donahue
Goldpower Diesel Services

We will arrange fleet lease, lease, company finance, hire-purchase, or cash sales. Without a minute of your time or focus wasted!  This ensures you can remain focused on what is important to you, your business.

Our proven reputation guarantees you satisfaction and confidence in your vehicle purchase.

Vans , Trucks, Ute's, Sedans, Station Wagons, and Prestige vehicles.

Contact us now, and we'll be at your service! Today! Simple and easy.

No Wasted Time! No Stress! No Worries! And you get the Best!

Every Time! No Exceptions! 

"Once again Suncoast Auto Brokers have proven without a doubt that purchasing cars alleviates the hassles for me, the buyer. This is my 5th company vehicle with Dan and Sandra and I would not contemplate buying any other way. Proven results and a no fuss, no mess transaction is the only way to save time and money when it comes to our business and company vehicles.
Thank you again Dan and Sandra.
Craig Harris


Lexus RX350 / Jeep Commander / Holden Commodore
This is the third vehicle I have bought via Dan Kelly. Good honest advice in early stages of selection. Quick and efficient negotiation once selection has been made. Arranged competitive finance, removal of car phone, door to door delivery, all with the minimum of fuss. Dan has turned a pain into a pleasure. We cannot recommend SunCoast Auto Brokers highly enough.
Harvey Weyman-Jones
Hallmark Business Sales

We work for YOU!
Your needs come first.
Every client. Every time. No exceptions!

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