What makes SunCoast Auto different from other brokers?

Not all brokers operate the same way.  Like all industries, there are good operators, and then there are the others.  Many brokers usually only have a brokers license and therfore are not bound by the same laws as a licensed motor dealer/ broker. This means they are not required to offer a warranty on your purchase.  As a holder of a motor dealer / brokers liscense, we offer a warranty for every vehicle purchased (some commercial vehicles excluded).

Some brokers only go to private auctions.  These brokers will charge you a fee, you will be buying a car that you can’t test drive and you will know nothing of the vehicle's service history.  Private vehicles are often overpriced because the sellers  have an unrealistic idea of what they think their car is worth. Yes, you can get an occasional bargain this way, but at what risk?

There are also brokers out there that are not licensed at all, so it pays to check. There are brokers that offer ‘Cheap Cars', well good luck with that one. What makes them cheap? I saw an ad the other day offering savings of up to $4000 on a $10,000 car. It's a fair bet that the car was $4000 overpriced to begin with. We don’t want to deliver ‘cheap cars’.  We aim to deliver quality cars at a fair market price, usually with a good discount thrown in for good measure.

Suncoast Auto Brokers are licensed motor dealers.  This means is that if we go to a dealers only auction and purchase on your behalf, we are  bound by the motor dealers act for your protection.

Four factors are taken into account at all times when we source vehicles.  They are:
1. Service history
2. Mechanical soundness
3. Physical condition and appearance
4. Price

If just one of these objectives is not met or can’t be negotiated, we will walk away from the vehicle and find another that is more suitable.

Another point that makes us different from other brokers is the range of expertise and knowledge that we have. Dan has had a long career in the auto industry, starting out as a humble mechanic.  he then became the first master technician for Mitsubishi in Queensland. He also spent many years in the service department as a senior service advisor before starting his first management position as Service Manager in a dealership in Toowoomba.  After many years in the service department he then went onto used car sales at Mitsubishi and Holden, then Wholesale and Fleet Management. This was followed as the position of Used Car Sales Manager with Mitsubishi, Honda & Mercedes, before becoming New Car Manager at Ford and Hyundai.

We have also run our own mobile mechanics business.

We believe that our expertise and experience within the motor vehicle industry would – by far – make us one of the most qualified brokerages in the state of Queensland.

This resource of knowledge is utilised to ensure our clients obtain the best value for money and service in the industry.

On top of that we have Sandra overseeing customer care. She has a background in customer service, management and small business and is committed to ensuring that our dealers maintain our high standards in client service and care.  As well as the ongoing development of the business, Sandra focusses on professionalism, standards and integrity in everything we do.

SunCoast Auto Brokers has built a fantastic reputation over the six and a half years they have been operating, and work hard at maintaining and increasing this position within the industry.

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